Acrodysostosis Support and Research are Fundraising for Research 

Acrodysostosis & Great Ormond Street Hospital have partnered to fund vital research!

We have a chance in a lifetime to fund vital research into Acrodysostosis.

Every child is unique in their own special way. But for some children one of the things that makes them so special can also make it harder for them to live their life to the fullest and  this is not fair. And together we are going to something about it.

We're partnering with Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital to fund a project that will conduct vital research into Acrodysostosis. 

A successful research applicant can receive up to £250K, giving people with Acrodysostosis the chance to receive better care, support and treatment

But there's a catch... In order to secure this funding, we need to raise £62,500 before April 2021

We're asking you and everyone in our International family to help. To pull together and to do something special for the people who need us. Because everyone deserves to live the life they want to, without worry, without pain, and without limits. 


 There’s so much we don’t know about Acrodysostosis, we can’t afford to let this chance slip away. 


We only need to raise a little to gain a whole lot more. If we can raise this money, children (and adults) living with Acrodysostosis have a better chance at having the same opportunities we all deserve in life.

Every child is special, and every single one deserves a future that is hopeful and full of possibilities.

Watch this video and see how amazing our children are:














With a helping hand from you

We can change the future, and change the world for our children.

We’ll never give up on improving the lives of children living with Acrodysostosis/

We’ll never give up on better care and treatment for children living with Acrodysostosis/


So please don’t give up on them,




Or if you wish to fundraise yourself please use our fundraising booklet below, along with printable stickers and an A - Z of ideas :