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Before our lives changed.

Firstly I'll introduce my self, I'm Francesca’s mum, Kim & we're UK based, and new to thing blogging life so let's see how we get on!

I'll take it back to the beginning,

Francesca was born in August of 2015, I remember how hot it was throughout most of my pregnancy! - heatwaves and pregnant ladies are not a good mix!

I had a consultant led pregnancy, due to having cluster headaches, that knock me sideways. So I was closely monitored throughout.

During the first 6 weeks or so of my pregnancy I had severe hyperemesis, to a point I needed re hydrating so often they just gave me the mobile number to call before arriving. The nurse that was looking after me, was positive I was having twins due to how bad I was and she booked me an early scan!

At my first scan, we noted there was most definitely only one baby! And baby looked well and was growing beautifully.

At my 12 week scan it was noted that the fluid wasn't right at the back of baby's neck and that I needed a blood test to out rule down syndrome.

We opted for the test, not that it would have changed out decision on our baby. But so we could prepare if needed.

Our test results arrived and they were clear, it was extremely unlikely baby carried the gene.

The rest of my pregnancy flew by and was quite plain sailing really we found out we were expecting a beautiful baby girl, which completed our family of 4.

We were so excited to meet you baby F


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